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I weep for my gender August 15, 2012

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It seems that the only real issues my gender is concerned about are abortion and birth control. Anyone in business knows the equal pay canard in the Fair Pay Act is a scam. That’s window dressing, major corporations are not allowed to discriminate on race, gender or sexual orientation. If a company manged to pull off that kind of nonsense they would not be in business very long, losing great people because of their short sighted stupidity. I suspect the continued discrepancy in pay is due to different time in the work force,  job levels and type of employment and time off for family leave.

So what we really have is a list about women’s sexual health. Liberal women are always declaring they want government out of their bedrooms, except when they want government to pay for what goes on in it. Why is free contraception more important then say my blood pressure medication? Why birth control pills and not free condoms? What about insulin, surely that is more important than some irresponsible person’s need for the morning after pill.

Why should tax dollars be used to fund a business that 50% of the population finds objectionable. Planned parenthood gets only a small % of their overall budget from the government, they don’t need the funding they just want it as a wedge issue. The organization is being investigated in a number of states for possible criminal activity regarding underage girls and sexual activity.  People on the left say they are alarmed by Paul Ryan’s 100% Pro-Life rated because it’s extreme. Why are they not alarmed by President Obama’s 100% rating on abortion even going so far as to vote for infanticide while in the Illinois state legislature. Why are they not alarmed by Planned Parenthood’s founding as a racist organization that advocated sterilization of blacks? Who’s the real extremist?

Mostly I’m disappointed that women are so easily duped into believing these are real issues. As a woman, you know what I’m interested in? I want leadership in government, office holders not afraid to take on serious issues. I don’t agree with every point in Ryan’s budget or Romney’s plan but at least they’re willing to take a stand. As women’s unemployment rate hovers at 9% and 16-19 year olds at 25%, I want jobs that bring dignity back to our families, not part-time minimum wage temp positions. I want a government that puts families and wages ahead of regulations that do little but raise consumer prices for average Americans trying to make ends meet. I want a true “All of the Above” energy policy that will bring down the price of gasoline and natural gas and reduce our energy dependence. Energy independence is not only good for our economy but for our foreign policy and ultimately the safety of my children and future generations. I want a school system that teaches my children how to read and about math and science without interfering with our personal beliefs, morality and religion. I want freedom for my children to dream and explore and push the limits of their imagination to find a rewarding career that gives something back. I want them to be able to speak their minds without fear and be treated as they would treat others.

I want a government that is more concerned with fiscal responsibility and opportunity for everyone than trying impose their version of “fairness”.  As I’ve said to my children, “Life isn’t fair, get over it, get up, wise up and move on”.


The Difference Between the Two June 16, 2011

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I so tired of the Vitter/Weiner comparisons in the media-it’s just not the same. In 2007 the media broke the story that Senator David Vitter’s (R-LA) phone number was found in the “DC Madam’s” phone records.This happened several years after he had come clean with his wife and presumably had stopped using the escort service. He also immediately went before cameras with his wife at his side to say yes it was him and it was in the past. He didn’t lie to the public, his constituents or the media. He didn’t try to blame a left-wing blogger who had nothing to do with the story.

Anthony Weiner brought this on himself. He sent the first tweet and immediately put forth the lie in the second tweet, that he had been hacked. His advisors didn’t tell him to say that, he came up with that on his own. He lied to his staff and the public for two weeks, calling press conferences to further the lie. He brought Andrew Breitbart in as the easy right-wing target. There were more pictures and more revelations that showed Weiner as a pathetic caricature of a congressman.

In contrast, at Sen Vitter’s press conference he spoke the truth and spoke of seeking forgiveness first from God and then from his wife.  That in itself is powerful. It was as if he said to the press corp, “Take your best shot, I have already answered to a higher authority.” Should he have resigned? I don’t know, there was never any move to charge him and the uproar subsided pretty quickly. Maybe that’s what happens when you behave like a man and not make excuses or whine about having a problem and go into rehab.

The interesting fact is that no one went after Weiner, he imploded. The loudest voices for resignation were coming from his own party, including Nancy Pelosi and President Obama. This was a sad end for a powerful liberal voice. Barbara Walters was lamenting on The View on what will happen to him, he’s never held another job. Maybe there’s room for him at CNN.


The Essence of Our Liberty April 19, 2011

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 “To take from one, because it is thought his own industry and that of his fathers has acquired too much, in order to spare to others, who, or whose fathers, have not exercised equal industry and skill, is to violate arbitrarily the first principle of association, the guarantee to everyone the free exercise of his industry and the fruits acquired by it.” –Thomas Jefferson, letter to Joseph Milligan, 1816

This simple but profound truth is the foundation of our Republic. Nothing more needs to be said and nothing can refute this statement.


PDS or How the MSM Missed the Point, Again January 13, 2011

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In the rush to judgement of the underlying reasons behind Jared Loughner’s shooting spree, of course it was Sarah Palin’s fault. If you thought Bush Derangement Syndrome was over the top, PDS is much more virulent and pervasive.  The tired meme of Conservatives = violent rhetoric, gun-toting analogies and callous disregard for working Americans (by the way don’t all Americans with jobs constitute ‘working’ Americans. Most executives I know work many more hours than your average SEIU worker). In the case of the murders in Arizona, this was not only completely wrong but politicized a tragedy.

In the days since the shooting, most media outlets have grudgingly reported that political rhetoric was not to blame in this case but it could have been the cause and therefore we should tone it down anyway. How do we do this? Think of these phrases so often heard in an election year; Campaign, targeted districts, battleground states, war room, just to name a few. Are we to believe that phrases that have been used since our nation’s founding have suddenly taken on a life of their own? Which is the more plausible trigger (oops) catalyst to Loughner’s mental illness, a steady diet of Tea Party speeches or violent video games? Did he listen to conservative talk radio or gangsta rap? When superstars of all sports earn tens of millions of dollars and treat women with zero respect and still take the field or court or course every week, why should we expect a 22 year-old to act differently toward women?

Our children are being bombarded (oops) inundated with sex, violence, crude language and cruder behavior by their ‘heroes’ in the entertainment fields of music, tv and sports but no one wants to have a dialogue about that. Once again, the media’s obsession with destroying (oops) bringing down conservatives stands in the way of meaning debate.


The hijacking of a tragedy September 10, 2010

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I am offended by the hijacking of the tragedy on September 11, 2001 by Muslims. During this last week instead of grieving for the victims and praying for their families, we are discussing ad nauseam about whether we are offending Muslims by protesting a planned mosque at Ground Zero and burning a Koran.  The left has done the unthinkable by turning 9/11 into a referendum on American tolerance not Islamic intolerance.

Several months ago there was a grand re-opening of a newly remodeled Mosque on Route 1 in New Jersey. To the best of my knowledge, there was not one protest during construction, re-dedication or since. Where are all those islamaphobic Americans that are boiling over with hate? From the reports in the press, they are lurking around every corner and are a danger to our troops, our national security and the world at large.

Why has the White House, the State Department, the Defence Department and the media elevated this inconsequential minister with bad facial hair to world-wide notoriety if not to change the narrative of 9/11. The new story is that America is an accomplice to all the attacks that have been carried out or attempted against us and there is a reason the Muslims hate us. Just to be clear, there is nothing we can so or say that will change the mind of a terrorist so intent on murder and destruction that they will kill themselves and other Muslims and children for a demented and diabolical cause.

The left has hijacked our national tragedy for the purpose of tearing down American exceptionalism and appeasing our enemies. Do not let that happen, never forget. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cvUA3_xtqHY&feature=related


Voting for the soda machine September 9, 2010

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November 2 will be a pivotal day for our nation. The outcome will show more than the winners and losers, it will give us a measure on American voter maturity. My daughter ran for class president in eighth grade and in her speech she promised to try and get a soda machine in the cafeteria. When I pointed out that the school will never put one in she replied, “I know, but the kids always vote for the soda machine”.  

The Democrats are finally aware of the will of the People. In an acknowledgement that they may surely lose the House in November, the Dems have decided to change course. No, they will not change their legislative agenda, that would mean admitting the failure of extreme liberal ideology. What they intend is a change in campaign strategy to stem the hemorrhaging of Dem Congressional seats and retain the majority. 

In recent campaign style speeches, President Obama is promising soda machines. Not real soda machines, Michele and Mika Brzezinski would skin him alive, but goodies in the form of billions of dollars for projects, tax cuts for certain types of businesses, etc. Don’t believe the hype, first of all never believe an Obama promise (can you say no more than 8% unemployment?) and secondly they said they tried all this stuff in the first stimulus. Shovel ready didn’t work 18 months ago and its not going to work now.

So now in this election it is clear that no amount of political cover is going to allow Dems to run on their records. The DNC has decided to shift money based on poll numbers http://www.nytimes.com/2010/09/05/us/politics/05dems.html?_r=1&th&emc=th. The DNC is culling the herd and it’s not pretty. The money will go to races that have a chance at victory and the victory will be ugly. More money brings more ads and more negative campaigning. If you can’t talk about your record, the only thing left is to take your opponent down and promise earmarks. 

Hopefully the electorate is growing up. In recent polls college grads have begun to pull away from the Democratic party because they don’t have jobs or prospects. The Baby Boomer generation has the potential to be the biggest entitlement drain on our country or they can stand up and be the largest force for liberty, self-reliance and shared sacrifice since the Founding Fathers.


What if… August 25, 2010

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What if the Obama campaign used the mime of the fictional campaign of Matt Santos from the old  ‘West Wing’ series and sprinkled in some lines from ‘The American President’? Add in an establishment opposition candidate perceived to be out of touch with the ‘new’ America and what you have is the perfect Hollywood movie version of a political campaign. This could easily pass for a Bravo reality series except that this is real and these people are running a country they have no passion for.

The Obama campaign expertly read the tenor of an America that is daily more concerned with ‘Snookie’ than with their healthcare. An electorate whose only knowledge of the economic crisis is that NJ Housewife Theresa is in bankruptcy needs to become involved.  To quote Michael Douglas as  Andrew Shepard, “America is advanced citizenship, you have to want it”.  We have to believe we are THE  superpower for good in this world. Even if the current White House doesn’t believe in American exceptionalism.